Manuscript appraisal service

I offer a professional manuscript appraisal service for people who would like feedback on their writing.

I can look at all middle grade and YA novels, plus some adult books depending on genre. (Feel free to get in touch to discuss this further).

I have written reports for the Cornerstones  Literary Consultancy and I currently read manuscripts for two foreign rights scouts.

(Please note, however, that I will not be able to pass material on to these scouts, my agent or publisher as part of this service.)

My fees are as follows:

Manuscripts up to 60,000 words: £375

Manuscripts over 60,000 words: £375 plus £5 per additional thousand words.

For this I will provide a detailed report highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript, with advice where possible on genre and pitching.

The fee includes a follow-up discussion by phone or email.

You can get in touch by emailing: carolinegreenwriter(at)

Thank you!

Emily Gale, author of Girl, Aloud (Chicken House), Steal My Sunshine (Random House) and the Eliza Boom series (Buster Books) says:

‘Caroline read an early draft of my first novel, Girl Aloud. She understood what was at the heart of my story and was able to articulate it in such a way that I started to redraft it with confidence straight away, knowing that I was taking on board advice that was totally in line with my original intentions. She’d found the best in my story and cleverly revealed it to me. I feel that her impact at that time was invaluable. Months later I signed with a new agent on the back of that redraft, and the following year the book was published. I’ve never forgotten Caroline’s early feedback and I’d highly recommend her as a manuscript consultant.’

Writer Jackie Wesley says:

‘I found the comments made in your report perceptive and considered. When reading your feedback I had a number of ‘light bulb’ moments. Your report was clear and detailed and excellent value. The majority of the points you made resonated, which is fantastic. The suggestions on titles were helpful too.’

Writer Emmanuella Dekonor says:

‘It’s quite something when an established writer like Caroline Green casts her expert eye over your work and says, yes this is working but tweak this part. That belief? It’s like filling up the water bottle for the journey ahead.’

 Writer Andrew Chaplin says:

You have renewed my belief that TOWA is actually publishable, but most importantly you have given me the direction  to improve certain areas and ‘package’ the product so that it is more likely to be evaluated seriously by the publishing world, instead of it been given a cursory glance and directed straight to the slush pile.