I have been the News Editor of Flipside magazine since its launch in 2007. Flipside is a magazine for teenagers that tackles science and technology in a fun, accessible way.

I have written at one time or another for the following publications: The Times, The Mirror, The Daily Mail, The Guardian, The Independent on Sunday; New Woman; The Times Educational Supplement, The People, Shape, Now, Healthy magazine, The Independent,  Health and Fitness; Woman’s Journal, Eve, Country Living, Men’s Health. I worked for BBC Focus magazine for ten years writing freelance news and features.

I have also written or contributed to a variety of non-fiction books over the years.

Writer:  Stem Cells (21st Century Science)

Writer:  Drug Resistance (21st Century Science)

Writer: Conventional Cures and Alternative Remedies [Marshall Editions] published 1998

Contributor: The Rough Guide to Internet Shopping (Rough Guides).

Contributor:    Arthritis (Dorling Kindersley)

Contributor: The Back Bible (Marshall Editions)