Ashmole Picture for webI’ve always loved writing stories. When I was a child I used to come up with serials that were full of plucky heroines and dastardly baddies. Often I’d get a bit carried away and then realise I’d written myself into an impossible corner. I’d have no idea how to get my plucky heroine out of her dire situation.   Obviously, now I am A Proper Author, I never get stuck and I always know what to write next. [That paragraph contains a lie] I was a journalist for many years before starting to write children’s fiction, mainly covering stories about science and health. But making things up is much, much more enjoyable than writing about real things. My first book, Dark Ride, was published in May 2011 by Piccadilly Press. My next book, Cracks, came out in May 2012. This was followed by Hold Your Breath in 2013 and my latest book, the sequel to Cracks, is called Fragments.

I have been the Writer in Residence at East Barnet School since 2012 and you can read my blog about this on the school’s website.

When I’m not writing I like to read [and read…and read] hang out with my lovely husband and two brilliant sons, and walk our daft chocolate labrador, Monty. I’m represented by Catherine Pellegrino. You can read an interview with me here. Thanks for visiting my website. Hope you like it.